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Virtual Reality Device

CBI Study

A Randomized Control Trial of
Cognitive Behavioral Immersion

We are currently running a randomized controlled trial for CBI™, a cognitive behavioral skills training program delivered by peer coaches in a virtual group setting designed to promote interpersonal support.  CBI incorporates skills taught in cognitive behavioral therapy while immersing a person in an anonymous virtual environment to change the context of their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physiology. CBI was developed to combine the strengths of recent psychological and technological advances to potentially deliver effective, affordable, and accessible mental health support. Please note that CBI is not psychotherapy.

While there is initial evidence supporting CBI in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms, a direct comparison of this modality against a control has yet to be conducted, and its absolute efficacy is unknown. In addition, it is unknown whether accessing CBI via immersive virtual reality provides any advantage over accessing CBI via less immersive flat screen devices (like a smartphone). 

Interested in participating?
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