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September 8, 2022


Culturally Adapting Therapy Can Help — But Needs Further Research

In April, the Journal JAMA Psychiatry published a study that was reported to be the first of its kind. The randomized clinical trial adapted an insomnia treatment program for Black women, which adj...

June 15, 2022


Therapists find it less appropriate to use cognitive change strategies when treating Black vs White patients

It is a common recommendation that psychotherapists modify their therapeutic techniques with specific cultural adaptations to personalize treatment for each client. However, little research has inv...

March 4, 2021

Very Well Mind

CBT Can Help With Depression—and Your Job Search

Cognitive distortions are negative or irrational patterns of thinking. These negative thought patterns can play a role in diminishing your motivation, lowering your self-esteem, and contributing to...

February 28, 2021


Study Shows Therapy Helps You Find A Job If You’re Depressed

The coronavirus pandemic has led to unprecedented job insecurity and job loss. In mid-April 2020, the national unemployment rate reached 14.7 %—the highest since the Great Depression. Fully 41 mill...

February 25, 2021


This type of therapy can help people with depression be more productive at work: study

A new study found that seeing a therapist for talk therapy helped people with depression be more productive at work.And it helped those who were under- and unemployed get a job. Specifically, resea...

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