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Our Mission

The DTXL is dedicated to advancing the understanding and optimization of evidence-based psychotherapies for depression. In other words, we are focused on answering "what works and for whom" in depression treatment, and using this information to enhance the therapy process and improve outcomes for every individual.

What works and for whom
in the treatment of depression?

To answer this question is the primary aim of the Depression Treatment Laboratory. Please read on to learn more about our current research efforts to do so.

What works?

Surprisingly little is known about the mechanisms of change in psychological treatments for depression, and this lack of knowledge has limited efforts to improve them. Our lab uses naturalistic datasets and complementary experimental studies to investigate the therapeutic processes that lead to cognitive and symptom change in psychotherapies for depression. Right now, we are most interested in understanding the process of change in (face-to-face and digital) cognitive behavioral therapy.

Here are some of our publications in this area:

For whom?

It is critical to ensure that psychological interventions are provided in ways that can meet the needs of a diverse society. Therefore, we are examining moderators of treatment effects to understand which treatment processes work best for whom. This information will then be used to examine how current treatments may be adapted to meet the needs of different patients, especially those from minority backgrounds.

Here are some of our publications in this area:

Current Projects


Researching and Improving Psychotherapy Techniques in Interventions for DEpression



A Randomized Control Trial of



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